fresh handmade paper & magic books


When I purchased my first iPhone in 2009, using the apps was the furthest thing from my mind - I didn’t understand the whole point of the iPhone! When I discovered the MyPaint and TypeDrawing apps and how to use them, I found something to connect me with “now.” Using these apps as a practice for patience and mindfulness, I look carefully at what is front of me. While waiting at a cafe for lunch or in the car for someone to arrive, I draw and paint with my finger on the iPhone screen an element of the scene in front of me. These moments are glimpses of everyday life, the fragments we usually forget. Through the drawings they become memories of where I was and what was on my mind. A quote, words running through my mind, or lyrics from a song on the radio is the text added as the final step in completing the sketch. 

iPhone art pieces are available in three forms -in a book, unframed or framed. The book is entitled “14 Moments” and contains 14 different images. Unframed digital prints are laser printed on handmade cotton paper and mounted on a handmade black cotton paper. Framed in a black float frame. 

iPhone Art pieces may be customized using your favorite text!                              210.275.7963

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